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an inception fanmix comm

a community for posting your inception fanmixes
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inception_mix -- inception fanmixing. only.

welcome to inception_mix: a comm focused solely on fanmixes for the christopher nolan movie inception. underneath this some rules'll follow, because it's essential to follow some rules for everyone's comfort.

the rules.

»this is a fanmix comm. meaning that general graphics posts/fanfic/other things related to the movie isn't posting material. there are other comms for that! (examples: inceptionfilm and inceptionfic are wonderful places for all things inception/all things inception fic)

»posts should generally be made using this template:

(minimum header should include:)

»since fanmixes generally include both cover art and back, of course it should be included. but keep in mind that size matters. in your post, you should include cover art, but keep it to a 300*300 max on the picture. bigger sized graphics go under a cut.

»yes, the lj cut. you hear about it everywhere, i know. but really, it's mandatory in comms for a reason. it's really nice to cut to spare peoples' flists! having troubles? go here for lj's excellent faq post on it!

»if you're linking to a locked post: say so. not saying against it, just as long as you visibly say so in your post it's fine.

»advertising is totally fine. just remember that if you're about to advertise something that isn't directly related to inception, then no. cast might be okay, but do consult with a moderator if you're unsure. advertising rping comms is a no though, that's fic, and hasn't much to do with this.

»tags. yup, we all love tags. keeping everything nice and clean and easy to access from history. complete on tagging in the post here!

»yeah, it's a rule: be nice. really, just, no wank, no flaming, no bitchfests. keep calm and be nice, guys!

»have fun! (yeah, that'll forever be included in my rules!)

still not sure about something? having any questions/concerns/complaints/ideas? contact a mod, we don't bite; we're just happy to help!


affiliates post to be found here!